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Aviation Photography

by Paul L Meisel

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Barrel Roll Sunset F-100D 116th Tactical Fighter Wing  in Low Level Fly-By F-16, 388th FW Flying Tiger Curtiss P-41 Snowbirds Snowbirds 2 Cessna 140 On The Prairie CT-114 Tutor F-16  388th Fighter Wing Canadian Forces 431 Air Demonstration Squadron Canadian Forces Snowbirds Front Yard Huey The Waist Gunner Nine-0-Nine by Paul L Meisel Air Tractor by Paul L Meisel Ghost Flight Air Tractor spraying

Showing 1-18 of 18

I have been interested in aviation for as long as I can remember and started flying at age 16. I bought my first airplane, a 1947 Cessna 140, when I graduated from college. I love anything that flies, but have a particular fondness for the older tail draggers. Unfortunately I developed a neuromuscular disorder which eventually grounded me. I can not fly anymore, but I am still fascinated by anything related to aviation. Some of the images in this gallery are artistic, and some are not at all artistic but are posted simply because I think they are cool.
Paul L Meisel

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