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by Paul L Meisel

Nine-0-Nine, a B-17G #44-83575 painted as aircraft #42-31909. The original Nine-0-Nine 42-31909 set a record as surviving over 130 consecutive combat missions over Europe without a casualty. Following the war it was flown to Kingman Arizona and scrapped.

B-17 #44-83575 did not see combat during WW2 however after the war it survived three nuclear tests. Thirteen years later it was restored and spent a 20 year career as a fire bomber. In 1986 it was acquired by the The Collings Foundation and restored once again, this time as Nine-0-Nine, however in 1987 the aircraft was almost totally destroyed in an airshow crash. Restored for a third time, the B-17 Flying Fortress continues to appear at airshows.
Paul L Meisel
The Waist Gunner Nine-0-Nine by Paul L Meisel Air Tractor by Paul L Meisel

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